Everything started 14 years ago. I was living in Switzerland when I got a phone call that changed my attitude towards nutrition for life. My mum was in hospital, in critical condition. I found out that she had suffered a stroke that impaired the right side of her body, she had  been diagnosed with high blood pressure with the risk of a heart attack, and was also insulin dependent. After getting her out of the hospital we invited her to come live with my family for a while and completely changed her life style and nutrition.

Today she has no secondary effects from the stroke, and she manages to keep everything under control with just oral medication. None of this would have been possible without the help of so many plants that we used daily, in the form of juices targeted for each need. Back then there was no notion of superfoods and it required a lot of effort and discipline to make it happen.

About three years ago I found out about superfoods, and that they can be converted into powders. They can be sun dried or freeze dried to keep all their nutrients almost perfectly intact. This allows them to be accessible, because they come from many different parts of the world. For me this was a huge benefit because I could make my life better and easier without much of an effort. Less juicing, less blending, less buying and less cleaning. Much less effort and much less time. I decided to take the chance to engineer a drink using superfoods that can have huge benefits in a much smaller ingested quantity.

Caty is a pharmacist and our dear friend. Caty knows everything about elements, natural, artificial and synthetic preparations, concoctions, powders, and pills. Because of that, she is a true advocate for a natural, organic inspired life, for both our health and our planet’s health. Caty helped me to develop “Green Synergy”, the only superfood mix designed to be taken as a shot.